Case Studies

Please enjoy a selection of some of the copy and content created by ReddSugarBlack for a diverse group of clients.

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BBE Music

Being approached by record compiler, writer and DJ Mike Peden to write his biog. notes for the BBE Music blog was a real joy.  Not only because spending time with Mike was fun but also because we got a copy of his album.  The approach we took with this was to stick to a chronological story line which showed readers the musical pathway Mike took to being commissioned to compile his album of Japanese Jazz.  We also had to ensure we worked with the BBE in house style for their website and to dovetail with the biog. of his co-compiler Tony Higgins.



Arema Arega: Singer, Composer & Songwriter

We also take commissions from artists for their online presence including their Bandcamp pages.  Composer, Singer, Songwriter and visual artist Arema Arega needed to tell her story through a concise biography.  We wrote her biog. to show how she and her music are connected.


Totally Wired Radio

Having started a new show on a newly formed station DJ legend Kev Beadle needed a biog. which reflected both the show’s ethos and his personal attitudes to the music he selects.  Being on a station run and owned by the team behind the Acid Jazz record label also meant that any content needed to fit the style and mission of the label and station itself.


The Warriors of the Dystotheque charity single No Border feat. Howie B

Wow, what a joy it was to work with the creatives behind the WotD music production organisation, their label Pussyfoot Records and the mental health charity Black Minds Matter for this charity release featuring production legend Howie B.  

Once we finished fanboying over this project we put together a press release, biography and promo package for distribution to music press, journalists, radio stations and DJs.  The key here was to get across the awesomeness of the track, the story behind the remote collaborations due to COVID, the charity and its aims and where to purchase.  

Warriors of the Dystotheque Jpeg


On The Corner Records

We were approached initially to re-interpret the biography of Capetonian jazz musician and composer Asher Gamedze. In order to create content of a suitable length for the Bandcamp page relevant to his release State of Emergence we ensured that Asher’s voice still came through as well as his words.

A longer version is being used for the promo mail out packages to DJs, journals and radio stations for the release.


Sanja Markovic

Now signed to Italian label AMA Records Sanja Markovic’s album Ascension first gained cult status in Europe with airplay on influential radio stations Worldwide FM, Totally Wired Radio, Starpoint Radio, Soul-Power Radio, Radio Nova to name but a few.  

Working with Sanja’s Belgrade based publicist Milena Nikitovic ReddSugarBlack organised and created promo packs for distribution to major influencers in the online underground music scene and wrote an article for the renowned The Return of the Illicit Groove blog.  This created the buzz that preceded the release of Ascension on AMA Records.

ascension cover

Etienne de la Sayette – KOBUGI

Released on MUJU Records we were tasked by composer and musician Etienne de la Sayette to play a major role in the promo and PR of the UK release of the album KOBUGI with the aim of increased radio play and music press and blog attention. 

To date tracks from the album have now been played on a variety of stations including Worldwide FM, Totally Wired Radio, Starpoint Radio, Soul-Power Radio amongst others.  It has been reviewed in a number of music websites including an interview with Etienne on the renowned Truth & Lies blog.



Afro-Disiac: Radio Station

During the relaunch of the station website Afro-Disiac Radio wanted to build up its advertising.  ReddSugarBlack decided that the best approach was ‘KISS’ (Keep It Simples) and we wrote a direct and to the point page which complemented the visuals and the graphics.  As part of this relaunch the station is now enjoying higher advertising revenues due to increased sales.