‘It’s OK, I’ve Overstood.’

Some of you may recognise the title of this post as a lyric from Tom Tom Club’s early 80s hit Wordy Rappinghood. A favourite tune from boyhood and one which I can still sing along to word for word.

However, as great a song it is, this post is not a trip down memory lane but a comment on how important it is to get writers to write your copy.  Whether on printed materials or online it is words which connect you to your customers.  It is words which start that conversation with your customers and it is words which prompts your customers to respond to a call to action.

A good graphic designer will create a piece of visual magic to turn heads and grab attention, but it is the words that provoke the response that can be turned into sales.

It is professional writers who will create those words and provide the clarity which ensures that everything is understood and nothing is ‘overstood.’

Less most certainly is more.  By understanding how graphic and lexical design can complement each other your message can be the beginning of a relationship with your customers where your story becomes theirs and vice versa.

Oh, and here’s Tom Tom Club, enjoy the music, and the words of course.

Robert Hill. Creative Director at Redd Sugar Black


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